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Atiko has a civil liability insurance that covers the risks that could arise from its activity. It covers contingencies that may arise as a result of Organization Company of social, cultural, recreational and commercial presentations on behalf of third parties up to a limit of 600,000.00 euros.
In addition, this platform encourages its users to complement the coverage that our insurance offers with supplementary liability insurance. Having a home insurance is essential for the risks of a home.
Atiko complies with all legal requirements in order to carry out the activity it offers. Such requirements refer both to the permission of the competent public bodies to carry out the activity, and to the payment of the taxes to which it is bound by it. In this line, this platform reiterates its commitment that its users comply with the legal requirements to which they may be bound in accordance with current legislation at any time and place, and Atiko is not responsible for such breaches.
It is Atiko’s wish that the relations between users and third parties run through cordial channels of respect, for which we appreciate that both hosts and guests resolve, with each other or with third parties outside this platform, the differences that may arise derived from the use of these services.
We ask that you make a responsible and full use of the services offered by Atiko. This affects both the hosts and the guests and their companions. We also recommend that the hosts collect in writing the authorizations from the community of owners necessary to carry out the activity, stipulating with clarity the terms in which this it’s going to develop. Atiko is not responsible for disputes that may arise in this regard between users or between them and third parties.
Atiko communicates to users that the purpose for which this platform is intended is, solely and exclusively, to put in contact hosts and guests, developing on the terrace of those a playful activity. We urge users to refrain from engaging in criminal behavior by prevailing on this website or its services during their stays on the terraces. In this regard, we reserve as many actions that could protect us in law to defend our interests.
This platform informs its users that they have the obligation to inform the State security forces and bodies of those behaviors carried out by others. users and third parties from whom criminal liability could arise, especially those related to crimes of sexual freedom.