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Earn money as an HolaPlace host

Find out what you could earn by renting your space.

1072€ monthly potential

Calculation based on 4 monthly bookings.

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A strong host community

anfitriona victoria


Victoria, anfitriona de HolaPlace en Madrid, desde Julio 2018

Quería contaros mi experiencia como anfitriona en HolaPlace. Esto no hubiera sido posible sin esta plataforma que pone en contacto a invitados que quieren disfrutar de un espacio por unas horas, con anfitriones que disponen de un sitio para ello. Estoy encantada del trato recibido por los chicos de HolaPlace, siempre con amabilidad y simpatía.
La web es súpercompleta y sencilla permitiendo la rápida comunicación entre invitados y anfitriones, con una total libertad de autogestion… Y que decir de los beneficios que aporta! Además de conocer a nueva gente, el dinero ganado por el alquiler de mi espacio de vez en cuando nos ha permitido hacer un viaje precioso a Tailanda. Es un extra que viene genial.
Por otro lado está bien que alguien disfrute de un espacio que nosotros ya lo tenemos muy disfrutado 🙂
Os animo a uniros al grupo de tik@s y subir vuestras terrazas… 100% recomendable.



HolaPlace has allowed us to open the doors of our house to very interesting people. We have shared good experiences and had good times. The application is very simple to use and you can allow someone to enjoy your terrace under your rules




HolaPlace is a revolutionary service that satisfies both the owners of the terraces and the users. It allows us, owners, to enjoy the terrace in another way and guests manage to organize their events at very affordable prices. If the idea continues with this “win-win” philosophy, it will surely have a very interesting and prosperous future!




Thanks to the HolaPlace platform I can get the most out of my terrace. People who have made use of my terrace through application have been delighted, not only for the space but also for the work well done by those who manage it.


Why to use HolaPlace?

Because having a private venue available for small events is something every one wants but not every one has. You will easily earn money sharing your rooftop or private venue for a few hours during the day (6 hours on average).

You decide.

With HolaPlace, you can reject a request if you don’t feel it. Moreover, you have full control of availability, capacity of your venue, prices and norms. The opening hours of your venue are also decided by you.

We are here, always.

We enforce us to give you the best customer service ever. If you want to, we can visit your place to take pictures and help you to submit your venue on the platform. We also create a WhatsApp group with you, to reply instantly to your question or doubts.

How to be an HolaPlace host

1. Create your venue profile

Create and publish your venue on HolaPlace is easy and free. Enter the required information about your venue and complete your personal profile. Only your name will be public. Once your information is completed, we will take a look at your venue and approve it.  You will receive a notification by email. Complete the first step to submit your space.


2. Receive your first booking request

In order to send you a booking request, the guest has to give you details about the event (hours, date, and number of guest). It is also required to attached a message in order to explain the reason of the event.
Once the guest sends you a booking request, you will receive a notification by email and SMS. If you pre-approve the request, the guest will receive a notification by email and SMS.

3. Earn money during the day

Thanks to our secure payment system, you never have to deal with money directly. Once the guest has processed the payment (including cleaning fee and security deposit), the booking will be confirmed and you will receive a notification by email and SMS.
Therefore, you will be able to prepare your venue for the guest.We will transfer you the money to your bank account within 7 days after the event. Start the first step to submit your space and earn money.