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Unlike the virtual platforms that offer holiday rentals on the Internet, the reservations made through Atiko have an eminently “festive” idiosyncrasy, in which a group of people gather in a relatively small space, where the The number of participants in the reservation may be significantly higher than those other platforms, where the possible creation of noise may disturb the rest of third parties and, in general, where any other behavior may harm the interests of the host and / or its neighbors.With the above, it is advisable for the host to take a series of additional precautions to those stipulated in the advertisement published on the Web and to those listed in the Annex to the Reservation, so that the experience is positive for all parties and avoid undesirable consequences.

You as the host are free to manage your reservation as you see fit, always within the limits of the General Terms and Conditions and the other applicable laws. However, from Atiko we recommend that you act in a responsible and transparent manner with your guest, in order to avoid further claims for damages that you or third parties may cause your guest’s non-compliance during the reservation. First, we recommend that you sign the document “booking contract”, where you can stipulate, among other aspects, that it will be a sine qua non condition that you are present at all times during the event. In this way, you can make sure that your guest does not exceed the agreed capacity or does not breach any of the other stipulated conditions, such as the introduction of pets, noise emissions higher than what is allowed by urban ordinances, respect for the use of the belongings and goods that are part of the contents of the terrace and, in general, any other behavior that may involve claims on your part tending to the retention of the bond. But we also recommend that you take this precaution if you act as a guest. In this way, you can specify in the contract the state in which the reservation was at the time of your entrance to it. Secondly, you can add in that annexed document, which reserves the possibility of capturing photographs and videos that support your version of the facts before a possible request for the deduction of the deposit before the claims department of Atiko. When the reservation is about to conclude, remember to advise of such issue with 10 minutes in advance to your guest and his companions , to avoid delays in the exit.

Before taking measures such as capturing the image of the guest or their companions through electronic devices, it is preferable to moderate or verbally correct their behavior.
Only in case of manifest and persistent disobedience, will it be necessary to resort to these additional measures and, ultimately, to invite the guest and his companions to leave their property.