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Hosting on HolaPlace

Get help updating your calendar, communicating with guests, and more.

Rent your terrace or private place

I have a place but I have doubts

In HolaPlace we can answer any question you have with a simple call, if you prefer you can use our online customer service chat that we will attend to you with the same pleasure. We can give you information about the web and how to take advantage of your place. If you have a professional place in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Valencia, you are also welcome on our platform.

What kind of place can I publish on HolaPlace?

If you have a terrace, garden, rooftop, patio, garden with pool or a cool interior place, you have a treasure!
We accept any space that can host an event, whether you are private or professional in the sector. To advertise your space click here: Add a venue

I'm a hotel manager and I'd like to put our venue and rooftop on HolaPlace

You are more than welcome, please write to and we will explain how you can use HolaPlace to get the most of your place.

I own a bar / disco / restaurant and I'd like to put our venue on HolaPlace

You are more than welcome, please write to and we will explain how you can use HolaPlace to get the most of your place.

I have a place that is not in the city center, can I publish it on HolaPlace?

Absolutely, all the places of any part of the country are welcome in HolaPlace, even if it is 2 hours from the city. We don’t care about your location, the important thing is that you are an incredible host.

Is it legal and taxable to rent my place with HolaPlace?

In Spain there is no law that prohibits the rental of terraces and / or places between individuals. We focus our activity during the day to be in compliance with city regulations and not violate any law. We do not advise our hosts to accept evening events, in order to avoid inconvenience with neighbors or incidents with the police.

What you earn with HolaPlace is 100% taxable, although your accountant can give you more accurate information on how to do it.

Do I have to be the landlord of the place to accept bookings?

No, you don’t have to be. Unless your contract states otherwise, you can make use of your place in the best possible way. However, we recommend you to check with your landlord to get an approval.

Can I use the community terrace of the building where I live?

If all the neighbors agree, we will not prevent the terrace from being part of HolaPlace. Remember that there must be a person responsible for the listing and management of the bookings.

What if I have pets at home?

If you are a host with pets, we recommend mentioning it in the description of your listing, so those who are allergic can take the necessary measures.

What requirements do I have to meet to rent my place?

Whether it is an outdoor place or an interior place, it must have at least a table, chairs (at least 4) and bathrooms. The rest of the materials are extras and will determine the value of your place and the attractiveness of your listing.

Manage your listing

How to publish a place?

It is a piece of cake, just register on the web and follow the instructions of “Submit new place”, there are 4 easy steps:
1- Description and standards.
2- Price.
3- Images.
4- Calendar.
Start submiting your place here

What should I put in the description of my place?

Usually the hosts detail the materials that a person will find when making a booking. The more information you add, the fewer questions they will ask you when they contact you. Be a poet in how you describe the things you have in your place.

What are the rules of my place?

These are the rules that a person must follow in order to book your place. These rules will be visible in your listing all the time and are modifiable as many times as you want. We give you an example: “Respect the tranquility of the neighbors”, “Make good use of the available material”, etc … make a list thinking about the tranquility of your neighbors.

At what price do I offer my place?

When you are creating your listing, the website will give you a price suggestion. We advise new hosts to take this recommendation into account. Start with a low price to get the first bookings and the first reviews, then you can gradually increase the price…. But don’t overdo it huh?

How does the suggested prices work in HolaPlace?

Our pricing suggestion is a system set up by HolaPlace to guide hosts in adding a fair price to their place. This system takes into account different characteristics and works as follows:
Although the price is not per person, it is a determining factor in your listing. We establish a fair price with capacity of standing people + characteristics of the space.
Less than 15 guests: € 90
Between 16 and 20 guests: € 140
Between 21 and 25 guests: € 190
Between 26 and 30 guests: € 250
Between 31 and 40 guests: € 300
Between 41 and 50 people: € 350
Between 51 and 60 people: € 400
Between 61 and 70 people: € 450
More than 71 people: € 500
– Barbecue: + € 10
– Pool: + € 30
– Views: + € 10
– Accept that guests can bring food and drinks: + € 15
– Located in the city center: + € 10
– Sun protected area: + € 10

Is there a cleaning fee?

Yes, you can add a cleaning fee that the user must pay as well in order to book your place. We advise you to take into account the cleaning fee suggestion that the web gives you when you are creating the listing.

What is the security deposit?

At HolaPlace you can put a security deposit, which is usually between € 100 and € 300. The security deposit is a guarantee that you have in case of damages during the event. For example, someone if falls by accident and breaks a chair, you can replace the chair with this money (the chair is an example, it can be any other material).

What is the HolaPlace's service fee?

HolaPlace charges a 20% service fee on the value of the booking, but we do not charge fee for the cleaning fee. We only charge a fee when you make bookings.
We use this 20% service fee to cover web operating expenses and service improvements.

What is the cancellation policy?

Guests are free to cancel the booking. But they have to follow the cancellation policy you, as a host, have chosen for you space (Flexible, Moderate or Strict). To change or update the cancellation policy for your space, you need to go to your dashboard > My venues > Edit > Description.

Flexible cancellation

The guest can cancel their reservation up to three calendar days before the event. No amount will be refunded if this period is not respected. HolaPlace’s service fee will not be refunded. Example: If the event is Saturday the 20th, the guest can cancel the reservation until 23:59 on Tuesday, the 16th.

Moderate cancellation

The guest can cancel their reservation up to nine calendar days before the event. No amount will be refunded if this period is not respected. HolaPlace’s service fee will not be refunded. Example: If the event is Saturday 20th, the guest can cancel the reservation until 23:59 on Wednesday 10th. 3º.

Strict cancellation

The guest can cancel his reservation during the 48 hours following the payment, in which he will refund the entire reservation. Otherwise, no amount will be refunded. In any case, the HolaPlace service fee will not be reimbursed. Example: if on May 1 at 2:30 PM, the guest makes a reservation for Saturday, June 20, he can cancel it until 14.29 on May 3.

More info about the cancellation policy here

What photos of my place should I put?

This is the coolest part of your listing, and it’s your cover letter. You must put at least 10 photos in a horizontal position of your tidy and clean space. Outdoor spaces should take advantage of sunlight, views and barbecue.

How does the calendar work in HolaPlace?

Our calendar is very simple to manage. You can block any date by double clicking on it and accept. We remind you of the importance of keeping your calendar updated, it is vital for your listing and for HolaPlace.

Can I synchronize the HolaPlace calendar with others?

Yes, you can synchronize your calendar with others. To do this, go to the “Calendar” section and follow the instructions in “Import / export iCalendar sources”

Can I edit my ad whenever I want?

You are free to edit your listing information as many times as you like. You are 100% in control at all times. To edit your listing go to “My venues”> edit> save.

Can I delete my listing at any time?

Yes, at HolaPlace you can delete your listing at any time and without any penalty. There is no commitment to stay, you are free as a bird and you will always be welcome in this family.

Can I pause my listing during a time?

Yes, you have the option to pause your listing whenever you want by clicking ⏸️. To activate it again, simply click on the ▶ ️ symbol and you will continue to earn money 😉

Manage a booking

How do I know when someone writes me on HolaPlace?

When someone sends you a booking request or writes you a message on HolaPlace, you will receive 2 notifications. One to the mobile via SMS and another to email. It is mega-super-hyper important that you reply to all your messages quickly and always.

How to manage a booking in HolaPlace?

It is as simple as spreading butter on bread. When a person wants to reserve your place, they must fill out a form and enter the date of the event, the time of entrance, the time of departure, and the plan of what they want to do in your place. You will have this information in “My bookings” and there you can click on: “Pre-approve Booking”, “Chat with the guest” or “Reject the booking request”.
There is no instant booking, all events must be approved by you before.
To “Pre-approve booking” you must fill out a receipt that will automatically appear, and send it so that the other person can make the payment. Until payment is made, your place will remain available to other users.

Is there a contract between the guest and the host at HolaPlace?

Yes, every time you have a confirmed booking, you will have at your disposal a “FINAL CONTRACT (ANNEX TO THE RESERVATION)”. This contract sets out the clauses of the reservation, insurance information, how the security deposit or bond will apply and the “DECLARATION OF LIABILITY EXEMPTION”, which states that the person who has made the reservation is also responsible for all the guests on your place.
It is very important that this contract is printed and signed the same day of the event, before starting. As the host, you are responsible for signing this contract.

Is it possible to share my phone number with those interested in booking my place?

Only you can share this information with users. We understand that this is a business where the flow of information must be almost immediate and for this reason, we let you do it. However, remember that the entire booking process must be done on the platform and not outside, so that you are protected at all times.

What information does HolaPlace share with users?

When you have a paid and confirmed booking, HolaPlace will share the address of your space, your email and your phone number with the person responsible for the booking. ONLY WHEN THE BOOKING IS PAID AND CONFIRMED.

I have sent the pre-approval but I made a mistake. What can I do?

Do not worry! To modify the pre-approval, you must go to “My bookings” in your dashboard and click on “Modify the booking and pre-approve again”. The first receipt will be deleted and you can send a new one. The person will be informed of the change immediately. You cannot modify a pre-approval if the reservation has already been paid.

Can I make a discount or add an extra cost for a booking request?

Of course, giving special prices is delightful. When you pre-approve the request, you will find a section to add discounts, extra costs and / or charge a service.

Is there an insurance that covers the events and my place?

Yes, thanks to a great agreement we have with Seguros Allianz, you as a host, your place and all the people who are during the event, are 100% insured.

Can I be present during the events?

Of course, you decide! As a host you can be at home during the entire event, part of the event or simply at check-in and check-out. HolaPlace recommends that you be home when you have events. Whatever you decide, your listing will inform the guests.

Can I offer extra services?

Yes of course. We encourage you to do so. Anything that contributes to make your place more attractive will be a good idea. These additional services may or may not be included in the initial price of the place. For example, you can include a welcome mojito, offer a yoga class or a catering for the event. This should be optional and you must have the relevant and legal permits to sell them. HolaPlace charges 10% on these services.

Should I have chairs, plates, silverware, glasses, speakers and other materials in my place for all people?

No. As a HolaPlace host you are not obliged to have material for all people, the groups bring and take everything. On most reservations, guests are responsible for bringing everything they need for the event, from plastic plates to disposable cups. If you want to offer these services, you can add them to your listing, but you are not obliged to do so.

Are the guests going to use other spaces in my house?

No, they will only use the space specified in the listing. For example: if you have a terrace, the event will take place there and they should not use another space in your house (except the bathroom). This is why we recommend the hosts to be present when they have events on their terraces.

Do the guests have to enter my house to go to the toilet?

If the location of the bathrooms forces guests to stop by your house, yes. The bathroom is an option that logically you should offer to your guests. Using the bathroom is a service that is included in the booking price.

How and when do I receive the money for a booking?

You receive it by automatic bank transfer. In your host profile, you must put the bank account number where you want to receive this income. Once the event is done, it can take up to 7 days to reach your account.

How does HolaPlace manage the security deposit?

In order to book your place, users will have to pay the total of the security deposit that you have put before in your dashboard. 24h after the event it is automatically refunded to the guest. Keep in mind that you have 24 hours to claim the security deposit, and we will ask you to provide us the FINAL CONTRACT (ANNEX TO THE RESERVATION), signed by both parties. In case of disputes, you can provide any evidence, photos, videos, etc … and we will serve as intermediaries to reach an agreement between the two parties.

Can I reject a booking request?

As a host, you are free to reject any request that does not convince you. You have full control of your listing and your place. You simply need to click on “Reject booking request” and send a message to the user explaining why you are rejecting the request. Remember that having a high rejection ratio can negatively influence your listing.

If I have a terrace, is it necessary to have a space with shade?

Having a covered space to take refuge from the Sun is always very grateful, although you are not obliged to have it, it is necessary that you indicate it in your listing.

Can I cancel a paid and confirmed booking?

As a host you can cancel a paid and confirmed booking at any time. However HolaPlace will charge you 25 euros if you cancel more than 15 days before the event and 50 euros if you cancel within 15 days of the event. Once again, please pre-approve a booking only when you are 100% sure that you will be able to host the event.

HolaPlace does not recommend canceling any reservation and we will be attentive to your number of cancellations. Obviously, the reasons for the cancellation will also be taken into account. The objective is that our users have the best possible experience on the platform.