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At HolaPlace we maintain a communication policy with the virtual community that is characterized by its commitment, seriousness, responsibility and transparency. That is why all our actions are framed in a strategic plan previously designed and that, subsequently, will throw some data or results derived from the monitoring of the campaign. Through this circular, our goal is to show our intentions unambiguously to influencers and digital collaborators, in such a way that this digital marketing policy is a clear statement of intentions of the HolaPlace team, focusing on this circular as general terms and conditions for which we declare ourselves bound. In the following lines we develop, succinctly, how we collaborate in social networks with those people or companies that can help publicize or expand our brand.
To whom is this digital marketing policy addressed?
HolaPlace’s target, mainly, is a young target audience, with a certain purchasing power and who likes to experiment with alternative leisure formulas. For this reason, we want the recipients of our communication policy to follow or be connected in social networks with those opinion makers whose followers have interests related to the main and / or additional services that HolaPlace provides. Therefore, our marketing team will study previously the convenience for our brand of collaboration, in order to corroborate that the target audience of the influencer coincides with ours.
How do we set up collaboration with influencers?
At HolaPlace, periodically, we allocate a part of our resources to promotional actions. Despite our wishes, we can objectively not allow all the collaborations at the same time, which is why in our corresponding strategic plans we quantitatively limit these collaborations since, otherwise, it would be a challenge for us to also measure the real impact of each campaign. In virtue of the above, we are the ones who get in touch with the opinion makers that we consider appropriate for the promotion of our brand and services, although, exceptionally, we can consider the collaboration received on their initiative, provided that when they meet the needs that we require from any influencer. If you believe that your proposal can be mutually beneficial, you can contact HolaPlace by email, indicating in the same subject “Digital Marketing: influencer”, directing it to the following address: .Nos we promise to give you an answer to your Collaboration law, also in writing, within a reasonable period of time, stating the reasons why we accept or reject the collaboration.
What circumstances do we value for collaboration?
The type of publications that it carries out and the public it is aimed at. Social networks and other spaces (blogs or similar) available to the opinion prescriber for the creation of original content. Publications and press appearances conventional.The quality of the content it publishes (photographs, videos and text). Number of followers and / or audience in which your opinion has an impact, as well as the foreseeable or expected impact of a possible collaboration with HolaPlace.Space area in which you develop its activity. The ability of the prescriber to interact with its public, beyond the social networks in which it has a profile or account. Those that at every moment are considered appropriate in the opinion of the heads of the Marketing Department of HolaPlace.
How do we set up the relationship with the collaborators?
Always in writing. We have a framework contract in which we highlight the different points of collaboration of the legal relationship and establish the objectives to be met. Of course, these conditions are adaptable to each situation, collaborator and promotional campaign. As is logical, we reward the collaboration to the influencer – be it economically and / or in kind – since we consider that, although incipient, we are before a new profession and, As such, we value the work and dedication of professionals.
Obviously we can not demand results because it would not be realistic and because it escapes the commitments of the legal relationship, since these are partially hazardous and are the result of a set of policies and promotional actions that, on occasions, are difficult to dissect or segment. However, we establish by contract the specific actions that we demand from our collaborator or influencer, making an exhaustive monitoring of the compliance of those in particular and the contract in general.
What do we commit?
We monitor the advertising actions that we carry out. That is why we ourselves will disseminate through our own channels the events, actions, or experiences in which the collaborator participates during the term of the contract and in the terms established by it. If the results are positive, we will be delighted to repeat the collaboration in future promotional campaigns with the opinion prescriber.
Ethics and Professional Deontology
We have resources and mechanisms to detect false influencers that can harm, maliciously, the good business name of HolaPlace and its brand. We accept the criticism, but we will publicly refute the network reviews of false influencers who seek to take advantage of HolaPlace and use our name for spurious purposes or, simply, to damage our image at the expense of the search for their personal benefit. Regardless of the above, HolaPlace reserves as many shares Legal can assist you in Law to preserve your good business name and avoid being subjected to unwanted practices on the part of false influencers.